Supplementary Information to include on a CV


This is important and must be honest, as many employers will check. Include any relevant education that you have had including A-Levels, BSc’s, BA’s, MSc’s, MA’s, PhD’s and any other relevant certification that you have received. Keep it very simple.

Recent Graduate

If you have recently graduated or are a current student you should make a lot more of your education. Explaining your course in more detail, list details of the course studied, the individual grades and results and what you achieved in your final project.

If you are interested in pursuing a particular route then highlight the particular areas of your course that addressed this. Include any high grades in this area, write about why you enjoyed this area and again draw attention to the fact that you’re looking to pursue a career in this direction.

e.g. if you’re interested in becoming a programmer then include modules such as Java programming, programming fundamentals etc, the results you achieved (if they are particularly good), what you enjoyed about the subject and any work you did in addition to the course.

Hobbies and Personal Interests: Technology

To many, technology is more than just a job. Many developers spend their spare time working on personal projects, open source software, attending evening events and conferences or reading books on the latest technologies. If this is you then mention it at this point on your CV. Many employers eill love to see this sort of thing and will make a CV go straight into the yes pile.

Hobbies and Personal Interests: Other

It is also important to show a bit more of your personality. Do you like sports, travelling, music, scuba diving, socialising. It is good to give away a few details about what you do in your spare time. Don’t include them as a list but write a sentence to show your level of enthusiasm and any achievements you have in your chosen discipline.

Be very careful not to include anything here that could count against you though, once the client gets to know you I’m sure they will understand your Horror movie fetish, but to include it on CV may not give the best first impression.



It is not essential to include anything about references as you will be asked upon successful completion of an interview who to apply to. Many people include “references available on request” This information is obvious and will score no brownie points, but will waste valuable space on your CV.

Barry Cranford


Barry Cranford is the Managing Director of RecWorks Ltd. An IT recruitment consultancy aimed at spotting and developing technical talent with a focus in Java and Graduate developers.


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