Give your career a boost by adopting a JSR

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As you will all have seen the LJC Adopt a JSR program has recently been launched. There are a lot of benefits to getting involved around building your profile, expanding your network, gaining new skills and your personal enjoyment. This is a brief post to cover some of the benefits of getting involved in the program.

It’s popular knowledge that developers with a stronger profile generally get more job offers, higher job offers, are more likely to get promoted and have more options to select in their career. The Adopt a JSR program gives you a perfect way to start bridging the gap between hobby and career and increasing your profile, which can help give you some of these benefits. Another point worth mentioning, from my experience as a recruiter I have noticed that certain companies pay a lot of attention to attracting people that have worked in this environment – the benefit of building a profile gives you the chance to work in companies like this, meaning that you will be working 9-5 with people that have exactly the same interests as you.

There are many ways to increase your profile in software development, you could write a blog, speak at conferences, write white papers on a particular subject etc. The adopt a JSR program is another great way to start increasing your profile. The advantage of this program over the others is that you have an area of focus already and don’t have to think about subjects to write/think about – it’s a great start. It could also give you the initial focus to build a stronger profile and start giving lightning talks, presentations and step up onto the conference circuit, or write blogs, white papers and become an author.

There are some incredible developers involved in the JCP, working on this program will allow you to plug into an exclusive network of thought-leaders around the world. Another great career benefit is that you will be able to meet and build connections with some of those involved in these initiatives. You will get a chance to meet people that may become your future employers, employees or potentially life-changing business partners. It also adds a social element to the conferences and seminars you attend since the wider your network with people that share your interests, you will be able to meet up with them at conferences, rather than having to constantly meet new people at events.

It is a great way to build up your specialist knowledge within a certain area that you are particularly interested in. This is again bridging the gap between hobby and career which can greatly increase your interest level in the industry in which you work. Having specialist knowledge in an area can often give you an opportunity to greatly increase your salary/contract rate, in some cases doubling your rate is not out of the question. There are software specialists paid up to £1-2000 per day, whilst there is no guarantee that your particular area of specialism will lead to this level of payment, if you become ‘the’ specialist in this area then you will undoubtedly maximise the money you can earn.

It’s also well worth considering the personal skills you will gain from this program. Everyone I have spoken to that have worked on collaborative software projects has concluded that the experience has greatly increased their communication skills. Adopting a JSR will also allow you to develop your project management skills, something that is not always offered in a daily job.

There are a great amount of personal benefits to getting involved and with JSR-348 bringing openness and transparency to the way in which JSRs are run, this is a great opportunity for you to help the Java ecosystem thrive.  Please don’t hesitate to contact Martijn Verburg or Ben Evans if you’d like to get involved or have any other questions.


This post is part of a complete guide on writing CVs, dealing with recruiters and attending interviews. The complete guide can be found here:

Originally titled ‘the top 2%’ the copy has been researched, compiled and edited continually over the last five years by the team at RecWorks Ltd. An IT recruitment consultancy aimed at spotting and developing technical talent with a focus in Java and Graduate developers.

4 thoughts on “Give your career a boost by adopting a JSR

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  2. Trabaje en sistemas operativos y siempre me a interesado trabajar con base de datos y la programacion en Java. Lo quiero aprender, en primera instancia por hacer algo y si realmente logro aprenderlo bien, desarrollar aplicaciones personales, por ejemplo, administracion de gastos persona, etc.

    Tengo 63 años.

  3. pavan says:

    ofcourse i am a fresher waiting for oppurcinity to be an technocryne…..i would like to be in jsr…. how i must be reach the cretria…….

  4. Shamshuddin says:

    It’s great idea….let me join…

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