Best Java trainers and training courses in London?

I’ll start with a shameless plug, we recently received a bit of good publicity from a link on Who are the best technology recruitment consultants in London. It inspired me to do a similar thing about London based Java trainers.

There is often a lot said about the skills gap in London, at RecWorks everything we do is linked to technical talent or plugging the gap We source the best talent that is on the market, we hear about the candidates that do and don’t get the jobs they want, and often get to hear the reasons why, we organise communities, events and initiatives to try and help people learn and develop themselves and we encourage people all the way from students to CTOs to blog, start speaking and getting more involved in the technical community to help them develop their careers.

There is one thing that we’re not involved in and that’s offering formal trainig. There is some great training available in London. One of our LJC members who is already a Java Guru attended a JClarity course recently and had this to say:

“Now, some of you guys are probably like me and thinking, “Advanced Java? But I am already totally elite!!”, but the sad news that I have to bring is that Ben probably has you beat. The guy is like a taller, and less green Yoda (and with better grammar too), and I learnt a bucket load of new and cool tips and tricks from attending both of these courses (which is much more than I can say about some courses I have been on with some of the big players in the tech training industry). If your company has a training budget, have a word with the guy that holds the cheque book and tell them that you have heard about a course that is actually useful. Again, you wont be disappointed.”

One thing technical training courses can do is help you perform much better in interviews. It’s not just about getting the job, but one thing we see constantly as Recruiters is that some candidates are offered 10-20% more than others, based purely on the strength of their technical interview. The right course can really make the difference here, and help you achieve a much greater salary than you thought possible.

I wanted to throw this out to you guys. Please add comments/links on the post referencing people or courses that you have taken and would recommend to others, I’d be especially interested to hear of how the courses have really helped you.

Barry Cranford


8 thoughts on “Best Java trainers and training courses in London?

  1. neomatrix369 says:

    I second that comment Barry, thanks for the post! Every little bit the LJC and its members share and give to its members helps! I’m a living, walking, talking proof of it – anyone can check my track-record of you don’t believe!

  2. neomatrix369 says:

    I have been to the Advanced Java Course and the JVM Internals course run by JClarity (Ben Evans both times), and would recomend it to every java developer of various levels. The course is packed with material from the topics and also related topics, i remember a discussion on ANTLR during the JVM course. And writting JUnit test runner during the Adv. Java course.

    Ben ensures that the attendees understand the subject before moving further into the course, bring your questions and they get answered (as long as they are not off-topic). If I get a sponsor I would love to do the Well Grounded Developer and the Performance Tuning course next!

  3. Samir Talwar says:

    I was on jClarity’s JVM Internals course last year. It was incredibly invaluable in understanding why compilation and optimisation may not be as simple as you expect, why benchmarking is hard, and how to read bytecode (yes, they also explain why on earth you’d *want* to read bytecode). I highly recommend it.

  4. Wesley Hall says:

    I recognise that quote from somewhere :).

    Just to re-enforce the position, I really did find both the advanced Java and JVM courses invaluable. The JClarity guys are really well versed in the details of the Java platform and the course is well laid out.

    I also highly recommend the courses.

  5. I attended to jClarity’s Advanced Java programming courses and have to admit the course was really good. It was one of the best, most engaging, and fun training I have ever attended! Both Ben and Martijn are very knowledgeable and experienced trainers. I really got a great amount out of the day, it covered all my objectives. I would highly recommend to any dev who wants to have a deep understanding of core Java features. I want to also thank Barry and RecWorks on behalf of LJC for enabling such a great training to us and hope to hear of the new ones…

  6. Hi All,

    FYI – The jClarity courses are now offered through DeveloperFocus – see


  7. alisha says:

    Thanks for this information.It is difficult to relocate as i stay alone so i was searching for online training and i came across i hope this course works for me…if anybody has studied from this course please let me know.or tell me any other guidance…
    would really appreciate help…

  8. Andrea lewis says:

    Advanced java – now includes various courses like Java SE, Java EE, Java ME.Java Advanced imaging is also a Java platform extension. JAI is provided as free download from Oracle corporation.Java SE is the platform for enterprises systems today. You can find list of leading online java training providers in US

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