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So what makes a good developer?

I think this was one of my first questions when I started in IT Recruitment. It is that question that jump-started a quest to understand as much as possible about talent in the software development industry. Since starting in recruitment ten years ago I have spent a lot of time asking questions about what it takes to be a good developer, I have watched many developers progress through their careers at different levels. I’ve seen graduates progress from entry level roles to high level positions earning £650 pday. I have seen developers launch themselves onto the conference circuit, write books and others launch successful startups…

Working with software is one of the most open and limitless industries I have come across, to get to the top of the industry you don’t ‘need’ to have pots full of money, an Oxbridge/Ivy League education or vast amounts of charisma as with other career paths. Getting to the top means different things to different people, but whether its earning £2500 a day, creating your own business or working remotely from a Caribbean beach… it’s all possible in the software industry, and I have met many developers that truly do live their dream.

I’ve constantly tried to document what I’ve found out and understand more of the industry. Through organising events with the London Java Community and other user groups, I have met and worked with some of the most passionate people in software, I have learned of many things that you can do as a developer to become more successful throughout your career.

One thing I have found is that although there are many great articles on the subject there is no one place that I’ve found that brings together research and information on everything from how to get jobs, to how to recruit and develop talent, how to get the most out of your career and what options lie ahead of you in the industry. I have created Developer Careers to be a place where you can get information on frequently asked questions like:

– How should my CV look?
– What is the best preparation I can do to ensure I pass an interview?
– How can I get into investment banking?

But also those questions that aren’t so frequently asked like:

– What is the best way to interview to spot technical talent?
– How can I get the most out of my first two years in the industry?
– So I’m a Senior developer… what are my options?

I hope you enjoy reading through the site. It is a constant work in progress so please do keep all feedback coming through.


Kim Ross, Lim Sim, Craig Silk, Ged Byrne, Gemma Silvers, discuss their experiences in the world of software.

Barry Cranford


Barry Cranford is the Managing Director of RecWorks Ltd (ex-ClearView IT Recruitment Solutions Ltd). A recruitment consultancy aimed at spotting and developing technical talent with a focus in the Java and Graduate industries.


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